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hi i need glasses


hello... i am farsighted and my sight has been getting worse with time. i spent most of my time with terrible headaches and its becoming more and more difficult to focus my eyes and im afraid that if i dont get glasses ill keep losing my sight.
my mom bought me glasses last year but they gave me headaches and nausea, i told a friend and he said that i shouldnt use them anymore. turns out the place where i got them is known for giving incorrect eye tests lol. these glasses were considered cheap and cost me 68$ aprox. i asked my friend how much did his cost him and he said that they were 120$ + the eye test at 14$. i still havent been able to get a job and i cant ask my mom for money bcs we are barely getting by as it is. i didnt want to ask for donations because i know everyone is struggling rn but im genuinely scared.

any ammount of money helps, please boost if you can't donate.


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what happened hello

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if you can get your prescription and pupilary distance from your eye exam you could try online shops like firmoo which can do glasses and shipping to chile for $40. Sometimes they are less with promotions (they do a $5 glasses + $20 shipping promo for new customers: or they also do 50% off mens eyeglasses with the code MEN50) so that might be able to help!

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