Hi, I'm Sappho! Real name Juno, both are just as lovely.

I'm a lesbian, a goth, an anarchist, hijabi, a furry, a writer, and I DM for many different tabletop systems and I have too many characters to keep track of because I'm a forever DM. This blog will mostly feature reblogs of content I like but may occasionally find some associated ramblings in relation to my tabletop games, my characters or my fursona.

I tend not to involve myself in media that doesn't include women, specifically WLW, so it may be sparse sometimes depending on what my interests are at the time.

Most of what I do write is typically NSFW due to violent or sexual content so I am something of a prude because of it thanks to a pretty strict upbringing. I used to post to Ao3 but I lost interest in fandom pretty quickly.

I'm also recovering from a lot of shame from the white side of my family and am trying to be more proud of my other half. It's a long and difficult path, but I'm always willing to answer any questions regarding Islam since I know a lot of allies don't have a lot of perspective with that. ✌️