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Dungeon mistress for a Shadowrun, Witcher, Star Wars and a D&D game each.

I'm the politically outraged anarchist Muslim biracial dyke that conservatives warn you about.

I'm mixed, look white and I like cyberpunk, dark fantasy, pickling things, painting miniatures, playing video games, and above all else I love my beautiful bisexual girlfriend.

My Characters

idioticsilverware -

carbonated egg whites

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please refrain from ever speaking again

Inktober Day 20: Spiky

drawtober - wicked apothecary

leave it to jack to be bored in even the coolest shops

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WIP for a character I'm working on!

She doesn't have a name yet, though..

artfight attacks!

ocs belong to (on artfight):

  1. screaming_bean

  2. icarian

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I think I went a bit too far with experimenting with filters and brushes, but I like the result, TBH. IDK, does it still count as blue hair?


Been working with anime based themes lately

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two of them

might fuck around and post my shadowtober prompts here. also I guess I gotta get used to the fact that there's no real definitive alternative to ao3. Really sucks.

day six! not used to such bright colors LOL

you know that feel when

woah! garfield (the deals warlock!)

Some more old art! I apparently uploaded this to newgrounds but never here o:

Some Persephone fanart! I'll post the alt version with way more petals under the readmore <:

happy jumpy cas !

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moon -


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just a peek

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new year icon 2020

made a new icon to use online and finally remembered this site exists lmao

battle of detroit is over

Squirelly Pin-Up

No idea where this came from. Pretty girls are the easiest thing for me to draw when I'm in a slump.


she was purring the whole time but she wouldn't stop moving pls baby I just want to take a cute picture of you like the memes please just be still for one minute??

My runners are heading to Council Island next week, so I had to make a larger map for it than what's usually available. Feel free to use it for all your Shadowrun needs!

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Noen outfits!! Gotta work on the patterns/embroidery but at least I have the shapes/colours right. Now maybe I can actually start working on making Fallsong happen